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Redwood Life Hollo Cafe

General Contractor

Dome Construction


Redwood City, CA




Countertops, Banquette Seating, Shelves

Welcome to Redwood LIFE (Lab and Innovation Focused Environment). 20 buildings on a 1M+ campus in Redwood City, CA. With convenient amenities to make your work life balanced, inspiring days alive with activity and collaboration.

ABOVE Banquette Seating

The Hollo Café is one of the many amenities located within the Redwood LIFE campus in Redwood City, CA. It is an environment focused on lab and innovation space where world-changing interactions take place and work comes to life. The space supports growing companies that attract and retain top talent in a central Bay Area location, with serene amenities to create a campus where ideas flourish.

ABOVE Countertops & Shelves