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Adobe Headquarters

General Contractor

Devcon Construction


San Jose, CA




Wall Panels, All Hands Stadium Seating, Tambour Panels, Banquette Seating, Veneer, Casework, Countertops, Louvered Ceiling Panels, Shelving, Reception Desk & Casework

Adobe’s Founders Tower establishes the future of the workplace. It’s a shared, connected, adaptive office space designed for the future of creative and innovative communities; a place where the future of tech, creativity, and business can flourish.

ABOVE Food Court

ABOVE Lobby Stairs

Adobe’s Founders Tower is Silicon Valley’s first all-electric building of its scale and will be powered by 100% renewable energy to minimize its carbon footprint and furthering Adobe’s commitment to sustainability. In addition, key energy efficiency strategies were designed to reduce glare and maximize daylight while reducing the overall energy use of the building by 40% compared to similar buildings. Bright, colorful color motifs are visible from the exterior to signal Adobe’s purpose and emotive responses. Orange designates social areas, such as hubs and meeting rooms to create a sense of belonging, connection, and community; green is for collaboration and is intended to evoke a collaborative, inclusive approach to teamwork; and blue instills a sense of refresh, with spaces reserved for focus and respite. Mission Bell's millwork & casework scope included the All-Hands Meeting Room with Stadium Seating and Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels, Casework and Shelving for Food Courts, Stair Risers, Seating & Planters, Coffee & Juice Bars Casework & Banquette Seating. The result is a stunning, LEED Gold workplace that is focused on wellness, inclusivity and biophilia.