Our Focus on Sustainability

As a certified Bay Area Green Business, we understand sustainable construction. Whether your goal is full LEED certification, use of FSC® certified products, or simply building a project that’s environmentally responsible, Mission Bell has experts to help you.

  • Reclaimed Wood

    There is a richness and warmth that comes from using wood that has been previously used or saved from being discarded. Most Reclaimed Wood has unparalleled architectural quality and character - and often an interesting story that makes it especially attractive for projects.

    Learn more about our Reclaimed Wood here.

  • FSC® Certification


    At Mission Bell, we recognized early on the importance of working with green materials and FSC® certified products. We have strong relationship with suppliers that help us stay current on the latest green products and trends in the market place. Staying in touch with design trends and their relationship to LEED & FSC® certification is a priority for us.

    We also source FSC® Certified Reclaimed Woods and are abile to certify Reclaimed Wood as FSC® Recycled 100%. Incorporating Reclaimed Wood into a project can add points toward LEED certifications. Learn more about our Reclaimed Wood product line here.
    (License code FSC-C003580)

  • LEED Initiatives

    We make it easy to track material selections that satisfy LEED criteria. We’ve developed an internal system that streamlines the process of capturing LEED information so we can provide you the information needed on a timely basis. To learn more about how we can help in your LEED project, email us here.


    Elizabeth (Magaña) LaBruzzo, EIT, LEED GA, Swinerton Builders

    "This is by far the most complete and straightforward millwork LEED package I have ever seen! ... It is very valuable to have a subcontractor who understands this credit so well and gathers all the information ahead of time!"