Last Planner® Methodology

Lean Manufacturing

Mission Bell is a strong advocate of detailed construction planning and the Last Planner® methodology. Our management has attended training personally taught by Glenn Ballard & Gregg Howell, the Last Planner® developers, and we're ready and able to support customers who use this tool. From Master Planning through Pull Planning, Look Ahead Meetings, Making Work Ready, and the tracking of Percent of Plan Complete (PPC), Mission Bell understands Last Planner® and stands ready to join your team.

Interdependencies between trades is a crucial aspect of Last Planner®, as is the ability of foremen and line management, the "last planners" in the chain, to make commitments. Our team understands these realities and is ready to respond. Our long history in the Bay Area means we have well-established relationships with other trades and our foremen regularly adjust work in conjunction with their peers to ensure work flows smoothly. Our "room by room" delivery philosophy further supports Last Planner® and underscores our commitment to "flow".

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