Demand for millwork is at an all-time-high. We're aggressively taking actions to grow our capacity. Click through to learn more.

  • Manufacturing


    We’ve ramped up to three shifts (day, swing, and grave) to increase the amount of work we can process. Our millmen in the shop are being cross trained, creating a flexible, multi-talented workforce ready to meet the changing needs.

    Ensuring no single-point–of-failure, we’ve deployed duplicate machines in key areas to bring redundancy and enhance reliability.

    Our new, highly-automated Superfici machine speeds up our finishing line, increasing accuracy and consistency, while also stabilizing our shop’s schedule.

    We are investing in new dust collector and other equipment that will allow us to more than double our capacity by 2024.

  • Hiring Top Talent

    Hiring Top Talent

    In an effort to plan for increased demand, we’ve been steadily growing our team since 2012 -- growing at about 15% year-over-year. By the end of 2018, we expect to grow another 15% to more than 350 employees.

  • Streamlining Processes

    We’ve hired a full-time Quality Assurance Engineer who reviews projects in queue to identify and address inefficiencies, manufacturing bottlenecks, and minimize errors.

    We’re working with suppliers to develop systems that allow us collaborate more easily and effectively together.

    We’re analyzing capacity and flow through the shop, developing a plan that would enable us to manufacture $150M within the next 5 years at a faster rate.

  • Technology


    We are growing our IT infrastructure.

    We’ve invested in high-tech machines, like the Superfici and Intellistore, to automate areas of our business, augmenting what we can do and leveraging our talented shop team to focus what they do best.

    We’re using smart devices, like Leica 3D Disto Laser that uses laser technology to measure spaces so that we can quickly obtain and accurately build to field dimensions and identify unexpected conditions early. We’re using smart apps, like FastField that allow us to identify and correct quality issues.