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Management at Mission Bell

A family-run business and a management team with lots of corporate experience isn't a combination you find often, but Mission Bell has both. Our President, Glenn Ripley, has more than 20 years of corporate management experience, beginning at a large Fortune 50 firm, then as an executive at a local high tech company, and now in his current role as Mission Bell CEO. The other three members of our executive team, Gregg, John, and Mark Scianna, are the sons of our founder, ensuring our company culture remains true to original family values. Four other managers oversee key functions in the Company, leveraging tremendous experience and know-how.

Glenn Ripley, CEO & President

Glenn has a passion for leadership - nothing energizes him more than organizing and motivating a group of employees to reach a challenging goal! And with more than 20 years in the management trenches, he has a wealth of experience to draw on. He's as comfortable with the guys in our shop and install as he is in the Board Room, and loves nothing more than solving problems and implementing strategies.

Robin Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Robin Lee joined Mission Bell in mid-2014 bringing a wealth of management know-how and financial acumen. With an MBA from Harvard and solid experience as a CFO, he adds considerable strength to our already solid management team. Robin combines a cheerful, "make it happen" personality with an unusual breadth of financial, commercial, and operational experience. He has quickly established himself as a leader among leaders within our management team.

Mark Scianna, VP Preconstruction

Mark is a high-energy leader with a lot of vision. A natural businessman with great instincts, Mark served as President from 2004 to 2009, competently leading Mission Bell through a period of record growth. Mark has recently been promoted to VP Preconstruction and is the in-house champion for our growing Reclaimed Wood initiative.

John Scianna, Chief Value Officer

John is Mr. Lean - our in-house expert on process improvement and value creation. An out-of-the-box thinker who naturally embraces change, John challenges our team to assess success primarily in terms of how well we've satisfied our customers. A long-time leader at the Lean Construction Institute, he is a respected change-agent and constant advocate for all things Lean.

Dan O'Farrell, Director of Sales

Dan's career in the construction field has spanned over three decades and includes many roles - from estimating and project management to leadership positions such as a Partner, General Partner, member of the Board of Directors, and Director for various organizations. Dan first joined Mission Bell as a Project Manager in 2006, before being promoted to Sales Manager in 2007 and then to Director of Sales in 2013. As Director, Dan's focus is on leading the Estimating Team, ensuring we are addressing the needs of our customers.

Phil Saenz, Director of Supply Chain

Building on his experience in the shop and field (he himself an expert millman and accomplished finish carpenter), Phil oversees the Supply Chain at Mission Bell. He and his team are continuing to build enduring relationships with some of the best vendors and suppliers in the region. Their aggressive pricing agreements and excellent customer support set the stage for successful project completion.

Lydia de la Cruz, Director of Business Transformation & Safety

Lydia is responsible for overseeing Mission Bell's Lean initiatives. Her understanding of our business processes and enthusiasm for eliminating waste, increasing communication and efficiency make her a key leader in our business. Lydia also oversees Safety company-wide ensuring that our teams in the field, in the shop and in the office are the safest in the Bay Area. In addition, she manages our internal procedures for certified wood as our FSC® Administrator. (License code FSC-C003580)

James Hernandez, Director of Engineering

As technology evolves and architects continue to invent things "never yet done," James helps transform ideas into reality in our Engineering group. Building on his experience in Information Technology, he leads a team of gifted engineers. Whether the job calls for creative design-assist or highly technical BIM drawings, James' team gets the job done.

Bev Stenehjem, Director of Human Resources

Many companies claim that people are their most important asset - at Mission Bell we truly believe this. Bev brings true HR expertise to our team: she’s a certified 'Senior Professional in HR' (SPHR) with a degree in Organizational Behavior. More importantly, she's passionate about treating people right - ensuring we have a top-caliber team that’s motivated, equipped to do their best, and feels valued every step of the way. Bev, along with the rest of the management team, ensure Mission Bell remains a "Great Place to Work"!

Mario Espinoza, Shop Manager

Managing some of the most talented craftsmen in the industry requires natural leadership ability and expert trade knowledge. Mario has both. He is highly respected by his team, his peers, and the executive team, and produces consistent results in the most demanding of circumstances. Always looking for ways to improve production processes, he constantly challenges his leadership team to get the job done, on budget and on schedule.

Alex Raanes, Install Manager

Alex earned his stripes as a battle-proven Project Manager and a senior Install foreman. With over 30 years in the trade, his background gives him unique insight into how to lead our Install group - an exceptional team with tremendous abilities. Alex is a master at teamwork - he partners seamlessly with Project Management and the shop to accomplish the most challenging of jobs. He listens before he speaks, puts customers first, and has the knowledge and experience necessary to motivate, challenge, and coach one of the most talented teams in the business.

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