Living Our Values

Many companies have a list of corporate values on a plaque or in a binder. Whether those values really influence behavior is another matter. At Mission Bell, our values - Integrity, Relationship, Stewardship, & Contribution - really do define who we are. They express what's important to us, how we act and react. They are underlying principles on which our decisions are made. They're "core values" because they remain the same, regardless of the economy or particular business cycle in which we find ourselves.


First and foremost, Integrity means we're committed to acting in a trustworthy and above-board manner in all of our business dealings. Ethics matter at Mission Bell and we'll walk away from a job before we compromise our integrity. In an industry where misrepresenting costs and hiding profit is common, Mission Bell seeks to be "above reproach" - honest and trustworthy - in every transaction. Compromising our integrity to land work is a price we're unwilling to pay. And it's not about appearances or not getting caught. As someone has rightly said, "Integrity is about how you act when no one is watching."

Integrity also means reliability and "soundness." Think of a support beam in a house. If that beam has integrity, it delivers what it promises - strength and reliability. For Mission Bell, integrity means making reliable promises to our customers. This can be difficult in an industry where schedules are famously unreliable and some competitors make commitments knowing full well they can't deliver what they've promised. We aren't perfect, but our goal is to commit to what we truly believe we can deliver.


We think our conduct impacts and influences our employees, our industry, and our community. When it comes to questionable business practices, we're not a "follow the crowd" kind of company. We believe integrity is non-negotiable - with our employees, with our suppliers & vendors, with our customers, and with our neighbors - and that by living out our value of integrity in day-to-day decisions, we can influence others to act with integrity.


Relationships matter at Mission Bell. Unfortunately, we live in a task-oriented, accomplishment-focused society where relationships often get pushed aside. We like to think we're different.


At Mission Bell we value relationships - with our employees, with long-time suppliers and customers, with our Creator. We think that strengthening existing relationships and investing in new ones will improve the quality of the world in which we live. We believe putting "others first" is more than a nice sentiment and that Servant-Leadership trumps old-school yelling and screaming.

Make no mistake - we want to be profitable! We expect employees to focus on their work and maximize productivity, not stand around chatting with their friends in the name of "relationship." But we can be intentional about relationships and cultivate them in a business-appropriate manner. And while some projects are a struggle from start to finish, we try not to let projects come between relationships.

Relationship means remembering we're part of our city, Morgan Hill. We have a role to play in this community and encourage our employees to engage in community activities and city leadership. Corporate citizenship also means helping those in need around the world, which directly leads to our next value, Stewardship.



A steward is someone who manages the property of someone else. At Mission Bell, we see ourselves as stewards of God's many blessings. We want to use everything God has given in a way that honors Him and recognizes that He is the ultimate Giver and Sustainer.

Our stewardship begins with empowering employees to use the gifts and talents with which they've been endowed. It means taking care of our building and equipment - keeping them in top operating condition. Stewardship also means using our Company's assets - human, financial, and physical - to benefit others. Finally, it extends to acting responsibly in this world God created, caring about the environment, protecting natural resources, and promoting the sustainability of raw materials we consume in our business.

Corporate philanthropy is one expression of stewardship. We regularly give back to those in need, locally and around the world. In fact, our goal is donate to at least three projects each year - one in the Bay Area where we live and work, one elsewhere within our own country, and one outside the USA. We choose projects that address basic needs - clean water, food, healthcare, and education - as well as projects that empower local leadership.



Contribution is about giving rather than taking. It's about what you bring to a team rather than how much you, personally, benefit. It is, perhaps, at the root of all of our other values. At Mission Bell we aim to hire employees anxious to focus on what they can contribute to Mission Bell, not those who will constantly complain about how they're not getting their fair share. We appreciate leaders who want to serve their employees, not boss them around. And we work together to give to others, especially those less fortunate.

Our Purpose

Our values define us. They also express what is important to us - what has "worth." Our values are the key to understanding our purpose statement: "Appreciating Worth". We appreciate employees, colleagues, customers, who share our values - who count worth the way we do. We appreciate men and women of integrity, good stewards who value excellent relationships and who focus on contribution, not consumption.

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