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Interview with Brian Dougherty, FAIA

We first met Brian Dougherty, FAIA, at the Monterey Design Conference and we spoke with him again about the significance of stories behind reclaimed wood, what inspires him, and the future of design and reclaimed wood.

How has Reclaimed Wood inspired you in the past and, specifically, what about Reclaimed Wood appeals to you?
Have you ever included Reclaimed Wood into a commercial project for your clients?
You said that you thought of architecture, as Goethe has said, “architecture is frozen music” and that you had found it to be “evocative and inspiring,” and that “creating architecture, much like creating instruments to allow us to play music, the selection of materials has both practical and emotional dimensions that affect the conceptual and practical design.“ You [Brian] commented “Mission Bell’s Reclaimed Wood has a history and warmth that will become a part of the music that is architecture.” I’m wondering if you have ever experienced that kind of inspiration in the work that you’ve done?
How do you stay inspired?
You like to design and take what you see and create your own experiences. What do you think is the next wave or the next trend in our industry?
In an interview for Architect Magazine, you said “the future relevance of architects is being eroded by a public that is focused on faster and cheaper.” Though there has been a shift toward sustainable design and Reclaimed Wood is known to be sustainable, do you think the false perception that Reclaimed Wood is more expensive is going to work against us?