Employee Stock Ownership Plan


In 2002, Mission Bell became an ESOP company. The Employee Stock Ownership Plan means that each member of the Mission Bell team has the potential to become an "employee owner." We all work together to ensure we meet our commitments to our customers with both a short term and a long term view in mind. As Mission Bell continues to grow and become more successful, those bottom line dollars are growing the value of our ESOP at the same time. It's just another way Mission Bell is living out our purpose of "Appreciating Worth."

Benefits of being an ESOP Company

  • 49% of Mission Bell is owned by the employees
  • Relevant financial information and strategies are shared with employees
  • Business leaders talk straight about what's happening
  • Regular communication from leadership with the Mission Bell Team
  • Employees are empowered to point out areas that need improvement and fix problems
  • Culture of trust and mutual respect
  • Employees feel more of a connection to our business

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