The Vault

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San Francisco, CA

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Dome Construction


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Successful projects are a combination of many factors - a strong leader, great communication, and sometimes, just a bit of luck. For Mission Bell, successful projects are the result of team effort. Mission Bell’s team approach not only leads to successful projects but also grows stronger customer relationships.

This project began with seasoned Estimator, Larry Fernandez, who laid the foundation for this project’s success. After reviewing the drawings, Larry quickly realized that the wine display cases would require a specialty manufacturer. Storing wine properly requires strict temperature regulation, sealed doors, and many other facets to ensure the best conditions for storing wine. Larry scoured the country to find a supplier who met Mission Bell’s strict standards for quality and design, resulting in a new partnership with Vigilant Inc.

Once the project was awarded, Project Manager, Mike Christina hit the ground running. According to Mike, “planning and preparation, along with anticipating potential problems, were essential for the tight timeline.” For the bar’s feature element, salvaged steel safe deposit box panels from its previous tenant (Bank of America) were to be reintegrated back into the project. Mike realized immediately that the weight of the safe deposit panels would be a concern for both manufacturing and installation. Consequently, he took precise measurements of the space and optimized the required cut dimensions of each safe deposit panel.

With Mike’s meticulous dimensions and a concept from the architectural and engineering drawings, Brian Edwards in our Custom Fixtures department began to customize a one-of-a-kind piece. Assuming ownership of the look and feel, Brian transformed the shelf into an eye-catching feature for storing the bar’s liquor bottles.

With a rapidly shrinking timeline, some aspects of the project were being subjected to compromise. Unwilling to sacrifice quality, Mike called Vigilant Inc. and persuaded them to reduce their lead time by three weeks to better align to the installation schedule. Mike’s skillful communication, rapport with his subcontractors, and dedication to his customers are a testament to the high success rate of the projects he manages.

Install Foreman, Ken Campbell, led his team to finish strong. Ken coordinated multiple trades, from glass to fabric, ensuring that each delivered their product on schedule. While keeping the General Contractor continually informed of progress, he and his team delivered a beautiful product without compromising quality.

Successful projects don’t always come easy. There are integrated parts that move through many departments, and each team member has a vital role in its success. That combined commitment to this project resulted in The Vault being a featured story in Eater, San Francisco . More importantly, those efforts brought Mission Bell another satisfied customer.

Millwork Completed

  • Display Wine Case
  • Display Alcohol Case
  • Back Bar Shelves with
    Reclaimed Safe Deposit Box Covers
  • Bar Stone Top
  • Casework
  • Floating Shelves
  • Install Banquette Seating
  • Base

(License code FSC-C003580)

Staff on Project

Austin Trujillo

Larry Fernandez

Mike Christina

Cecelia Eusebio

Ken Campbell