Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits


Oakland, CA

Project Value

$131,000 project

General Contractor

Dome - SF


FME Architecture

Year Completed


Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits has brought people together since the lift of Prohibition in 1933 with a glass half-full mentality. It's run by two founding families that have blended together to become the largest wine and spirits distributor in the USA. For their Oakland office, we worked with Dome Construction and FME Architecture to use Southern Glazer's own materials in unexpected ways.

Southern Glazer's sent us 50 whiskey barrels along with simple instructions to "just do it." Our shop and install teams took on this challenge and had some fun with the material to build what became the prominent feature wall in their reception area. We dismantled the barrels, sorted the material for like-sizes, and applied them on the wall to create a 3-dimensional woven pattern. Next to this character-filled wall, we added a bright, contemporary touch with a clear finished, honey brown reception desk.

Because no wine and spirits distributor is complete without a bar, we helped build one made with cut off ends of their own wine bottles. The bar has a smooth, slate-grey countertop with built in lighting to highlight the glass bottles we applied to the face of the bar.

Each item in Southern Glazer's Oakland office features the intricate placement of traditional items that perfectly reflect their hard working, humble, and modern personality.

Additional Millwork:
  • Elevator lobby wood base
  • Reception whiskey barrel wall
  • Reception desk
  • Bar counter, wall, and shelves
  • Coffee area casework and countertop
  • Copy room casework and countertops