Lumina - San Francisco


San Francisco, CA

Project Value

$2,000,000 project

General Contractor

Lend Lease - SF


Heller Manus Architects
II BY IV Design

Year Completed


The luxurious Lumina at 201 Folsom Street in San Francisco has officially redefined housing standards to match those of high-end resorts. It's almost an oxymoron to have this refreshing escape perched on Rincon Hill in the bustling Financial District. The 656 condos and four penthouses ascending into the fog are not what make Lumina luxurious, rather it’s the amazing attention to detail throughout the space. Over the project's two-year course, Mission Bell worked closely with Lend Lease, II BY IV Design, and Heller Manus Architects to produce these amenities.

The expansive walls are covered from floor to ceiling in custom veneer Oak paneling, with distinct patinas in each of the two lobbies. Veneer with glass and marble surface concierge desks are where residents gain access to a fleet of Audi's, exclusively leased to Lumina for residents. A convertible for the coast? One moment, please. Residents can also visit custom veneer concierge desks at other floor levels, which Mission Bell similarly made. Just a few floors above, a private dining area with a terrace and entertainment center include Mission Bell Oak veneer wall paneling.

This building is all in the details, individually crafted slats, panels, shelves, and more, all come together to create an unparalleled atmosphere. They say neighborhoods shape cities, and now Lumina is transforming Rincon Hill. It's a lot to take in.

(License code FSC-C003580)

Additional Millwork:
  • Club lounge and kitchen
  • Circular hand rail and stairway
  • Spa features Cedar wall paneling
  • Locker room with Oak veneer lockers and benches
  • Private dining features Oak paneling
  • Children’s area bench seating and cubbies
  • Club lounge mirror frames
  • Game room with White Oak paneling and solid Oak trim
  • Wine room casework
  • Oak veneer paneling in four lobbies
  • Slat partition club lounge
  • Artifact gallery
  • Concierge desks
  • Terrace decking

The LUMINA Lifestyle from LUMINA on Vimeo.