Crystal Dynamics


Redwood City, CA

Project Value

$160,000 project

General Contractor

Novo Construction


Mason Kirby Inc.

Year Completed


Crystal Dynamics is a gaming development studio located in Redwood City, California. Founded in 1992, they have grown into a world class studio with AAA releases and several industry awards. Poised to lay the groundwork for the next generation of innovative and technologically stunning projects, they selected Mission Bell to team with Architect Mason Kirby and Novo Construction to build their new headquarters.

With a rich history of creating fun and exciting computer games, they needed an office environment that was equally inspirational. The open office setting has plenty of windows and natural light that highlight the Reclaimed Mushroom Wood and Reclaimed Wyoming Snowfence material. These unique woods were crafted by Mission Bell into a finned paneling throughout their office. Additionally, they have a unique curved lobby wall, a Reclaimed Wood display wall and a Fumed Larch Break Area.