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They Did WHAT?

Designers and businesses throughout the Bay Area all strive to create unique spaces to show off their skills, attract customers, and retain talent. When a design calls for repurposing turn of the century relics or futuristic soda dispensing spaceships you can count on Mission Bell to get it done. Here are five recent projects that push the envelope with their creative use of materials and top notch design:

beverage experience 2

The Beverage Experience - The out-of-this-world way to serve a cup of joe

Your tastebuds are in for an experience with a variety of Icee flavors and exotic sodas. Valerio Dewalt Train Associates designed futuristic pods straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie to conceal run-of-the-mill soda dispensers and slushy machines. These acrylic clad pods were engineered by Mission Bell and built by specialists, then installed as part of Mission Bell's millwork package on the job. Color changing LEDs set to illuminate in various patterns add to the futuristic feel of this unique break area.

macrame 1
macrame 2

Till Cafe - How could you 'knot' love this install?

Handcrafted in The Netherlands, these four stunning fiber art panels serve as a semitransparent partition in a busy office cafeteria space. Handcrafted in Groningen, Netherlands, Teddy and Wool wove these beautiful macramé pieces from over countless feet of natural cotton rope. Hung carefully in a custom wood trellised seating area, their colorful hombre patterns resonate with the company's distinct colorways.

milk crate design

The Beefsteak Cafe - Unique lighting solutions from ordinary objects

Repurposing old wood has been a big win at Mission Bell and seeing that trend applied to other out-of-the-ordinary objects makes us proud. Plastic milk crates were repurposed to produce a cloud-like effect in the lighting above this tech office cafeteria. The white crates fill what would be an otherwise empty ceiling space and turn it into a unique light-diffusing, waste-reducing installation.

the vault

The Vault, SF – The Vault secures a top spot on our happy hour list

We’ve said it before, we love repurposing old stuff… armored steel safety deposit box doors included. These mega-heavy pieces didn’t travel far; they were salvaged from the space, a relic of when it served San Franciscans as a bank. Incorporated into built in shelving, these bulletproof doors now guard the valuable liquors that sit atop them at The Vault’s bar.

transbay table, bay bridge base 2

Downtown Break Room – Lunch has never been served on a setup like this before

The Golden Gate Bridge and the original San Francisco Transbay Terminal undoubtedly shaped the city as we know it today. Now, those two iconic structures connect the mornings and afternoons of your workday. Reclaimed Douglas fir, salvaged from the Transbay Terminal’s underground pilings, were integrated to create a wooden bar top. Steel salvaged from the Golden Gate Bridge provides the sturdy structure of this installation. Prior to assembly, the steel was stripped of it’s original lead-based, International Orange paint and coated with a more eco-friendly version of the color, much like the unyielding work to maintain the bridge.